Enjoy Prom to the Full with These Beauty Tips

Getting ready to enjoy your prom can be a complicated task. The perfect prom look takes a lot of time and a lot of beauty preparation, as you need to find the right dress, makeup, shoes, and hairstyle to be able to enjoy the night to the fullest. This is why we have these top beauty tips that will help you to get ready for your prom and ensure you have a great night.

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The base to your makeup is always your skin, so you want your skin to glow and be smooth for the night of your prom. Finding the perfect moisturiser will help to keep your skin healthy up to and during the prom and give you the coveted glow every girl wants on their big night.


Having the perfect teeth will make a difference to your prom night, as it can boost your confidence and will look great in the prom photos. Whitening strips can be bought from any chemist and are a cheap option to get the perfect smile.

Makeup is a huge part of prom, as it finishes off your look. You should choose the color of makeup and eyeshadow that will complement your prom dresses. You can find an array of prom dresses in a variety of colors by visiting fashion brands such as https://www.axparis.com/collections/prom-dresses. Another great tip is to freeze your makeup for the big night using a makeup holding spray so that it will last longer.

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Another part of the prom process will be to do a bit of eyebrow grooming. Never pluck or wax your eyebrows the day before or the day of the prom, as this will leave your skin red and irritated. It is best to get your eyebrows done a few days before, giving your skin enough time to settle down before the big night.


You should book in for a practice session with your hairdresser a few weeks before your prom if you are planning to visit a salon to get your prom hair done. Having this practice run means you will be able to check that the hairstyle you pick really suits you and what you are planning to wear.