What You Need to Know Before You Shop

Are you looking for a diamond engagement ring or a wedding ring? You’ll want to be careful since there are so many scams on the web. You’ll want to do your research carefully to make sure that the merchant that you’re buying from is a safe one and offers high quality jewelry as well.

If you feel totally safe buying from an online shop, you’ll be at an advantage since you can often buy diamond rings at a lower price than you would get from a local shop. Although price is the driving factor for many, you’ll want to be careful. If you find an online shop that offers diamonds at an unbelievable price, you could be looking at a scam.

If this is your first time shopping online for a diamond engagement or wedding ring, you may be surprised at the selection. If you were to go to a local jewelry store, you may find 1 or 2 rings that might suit your significant other. Yes, shopping for a diamond ring can be tough. However, with the huge supply of diamond rings online, you’ll be able to find many to your significant others liking.

With so many choices, some people may be blinded by the variety that the online shop has. There might be one style that you might really like and dismiss other stores that don’t offer it. In this case, you’ll want to take great care in your consideration. Diamond rings are expensive and shopping for a diamond ring shouldn’t be taken lightly…as you are giving a significant sum of money to a person that you have never met.

Have you learned the basics of buying a diamond yet? Have you ever heard of the four C’s? This are the four factors that you must consider when buying any diamond ring. The four C’s stand color, cut, clarity, and carat. When you are shopping for a diamond, it is best to make an informed decision. Once you have the knowledge, it becomes easier to shop wisely and avoid the scams.

When you find a diamond ring that you like, consider the price. Would you really want to buy a diamond ring that costs 3 times more just because it has a nicer setting? If you really want to find the best deals, look for the sales. If you like any of the ones on sale, you’ll be able to get one at a hard to beat price. Okay, so you found the style that you love and at the right price? That’s not enough, you must still do more research.

So once you understand the four C’s, look for those ratings for the style of diamond ring you are considering. Sometimes they’ll have grades from various independent laboratories. Some of the popular ones that grade the diamonds are GIA, AGS, EGL, and HRD. The way that the ratings are displayed are dependent on which company evaluates the diamond. In many cases, the merchant may use GIA. So review those four C’s and make sure you aren’t getting a diamond ring that has too many blemishes or inclusions, as they are offered through cheap companies.

The next step is considering the merchant-the online jewelry store. First, you have to evaluate the trust factors. Many of the reputable shops have gone through the Better Business Bureau (BBB Online), Bizrate, and have secure credit card purchased through a third party like VeriSign. You’ll often see the links or buttons for these companies at the very bottom or side of the website. Just click on the links to verify that the company is secure of not trying to con you. As sites like BBB online will often show if the merchant has had any complaints.

When Shopping For a Diamond Online

One of the most frequently asked questions by visitors to my site is “Is it safe to buy a diamond online?”

My answer is unequivocally YES!

We’re all getting much more comfortable these days with the ease and security which the majority of Internet sites provide when shopping for whatever we fancy online, so why not diamonds?

Shopping for a diamond is like shopping for a car. You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing what specifications you were looking for, and what your budget allows, would you? It’s the same with diamonds. Learn as much as you can about the all-important 4Cs before you go shopping for a diamond, whether shopping online or offline.

I recommend you start with the Diamond Buying Guide on my website.

And just like car salespeople, there are the quality diamond websites and the (ahem!) “less than quality” websites.

Bluenile.com is the largest retailer of certified diamonds on the Internet and has been voted Forbes Magazine’s “Favorite Online Jeweler” for the past five years.

Its powerful diamond search tool lets you search through over 50,000 diamonds for shape, color, size, carat, clarity and price, and all their diamonds come with a GIA or AGS grading report – your guarantee you are getting what you paid for.

Mondera.com is an equally high-quality site. Mondera features a diamond search tool where you can choose your diamond by size, clarity, color, cut and value and the GIA or AGS report is available when you purchase.

Mondera also offers a great diamond education center, where you can learn everything you need to know about purchasing diamonds beforehand.

Both Bluenile and Mondera offer same day FedEx shipping for in stock diamonds, and a 30-day money back guarantee.

I’ve never had a negative testimonial from visitors to either site, and the majority of happy customers tell me that they saved as much as 30{b684a1c6d8fa4ecab1dc97042a200d78c5673afb14c4d0099bf015f263e1ee6a} to 50{b684a1c6d8fa4ecab1dc97042a200d78c5673afb14c4d0099bf015f263e1ee6a} on normal retail prices.

And if great value and great service isn’t enough, think about what a breeze it is to shop for your diamond online. You don’t have to leave home, traipsing from store to store, looking for carparking and being hassled by over-zealous staff.

Shopping for Jewelry and Diamonds

Shopping for jewelry and diamonds is one the most enjoyable pastimes for not only women, but men who are in love with women. The internet offers you the ability to shop for hundreds of thousands of pieces that would take you days, even months to look at in a jewelry store. The choices are everything from simple post earrings with diamonds to fabulous custom designed jewelry from artists around the world.

There are beautiful pieces with opals, garnets, rubies, diamonds, pearls, lapis and every precious stone you can think of. The settings are as unique and varied as the artists themselves. There are different metals used in jewelry today that are both stunning and practical. Palladium and platinum have taken a new place in respect to jewelry metals. They’re beautiful and resist oxidation. Set with your favorite diamond or other stone, you have a keepsake for life.

Jewelry shopping is one very convenient way to search for your favorite jewelry. There are so many merchants offering their own unique designs and settings. You can comparison shop as well, finding the best pieces that are in your budget yet high quality merchandise.

One of the greatest opportunities with shopping online for jewelry is the wide array of watches in absolutely incredible designs. Both men’s and women’s watches are truly pieces of jewelry that look striking during the day and with evening wear. Many of them include diamonds either in the watch settings or on the bands themselves. Different metals or stones or faces create sizzling designs for every taste.

Bracelets are always a woman’s favorite and the newest designs delight every woman who receives one (or gives it to herself because she so deserves them!). There are beautiful sparkling diamond bracelets, sterling silver and gold charm bracelets, beaded sterling and gold bracelets, heart bracelets in gold, sterling or platinum, pearl bracelets in one, two or three strands, cuff bracelets in an array of dazzling metals, combinations of rolled and twined precious metal single strand bracelets as well as gorgeous mesh bracelets in gold and silver.

Diamond pendants and earrings are still a girl’s best friend. The elegant chains and settings create a wonderful backdrop for uniquely cut diamonds. You can also find diamonds in heart shapes that create the entire necklace creating beauty and romance at the same time. Any woman who wears diamonds looks sophisticated, chic and elegant. Shopping for your perfect diamond pieces is so easy online that you might have a difficult time deciding on exactly what’s right for you. Of course, you can always buy more than one!

Of course birthstone jewelry is always a hit and most merchants offer a wide array of birthstones set in necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. The stones are simply spectacular and make you feel grand every time your wear them.