How To Look Stylish In Purple

Colors all have an associated meaning. Some can conjure up an emotion or a memory, while others declare themselves to be full of grandeur. Purple makes such a declaration. Historically seen as the color of kings, purple fabrics were expensive and told the world that you had money and power.

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Today, purple is for everyone. You can find purple everywhere this season, from the most princely haute couture to high street brands. Let’s take a look at how to wear this rich color in all its guises, from the deepest violet through to the sweetest lilac.

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Monochrome and blocking

If wearing a color that isn’t black or navy seems daunting, the easiest thing to do is to think monochromatic or blocks of color. A purple maxi dress is a perfect way to engage with this purple trend, being both bold and simplistic at the same time. If you go the monochrome route, keep the accessories very definitely not purple; in this way, you won’t risk overkill.

It’s all in the extras

Are you still backing away from purple maxi dresses but still fancy a flash of purple in your life? If so, flip the last tip on its head. Wear another color and plump for beautiful purple accessories. A bag in striking violet or grown-up mulberry will have the same wow factor when paired with a neutral outfit.

Mix it up

Fashion is always moving, always experimenting. This season, we saw different purple hues being placed together on the runways, such as dresses made with panels of lilac, berry, and violet in differing fabrics. If this speaks to your purple-loving heart, you are likely to love options such as the purple maxi dress at AX Paris.

Keep it casual

As purple suggests all things regal, a super-easy way to rock this shade is to pair it with something casual. Take a striking purple blouse, sweater or even jacket and wear it with jeans, black trousers, and cute trainers.

There we have it – our top tips for a purple fix. If purple is good enough for the royalty of history, it is good enough for us. Dressed up or dressed down and whether deep purple, sweet pastel lilac or a sophisticated rich berry tone, you will be bang on trend with a walk on the purple side.